What's that got to do with Fighting?

It's almost inevitable.

When you think about championship fighters do you think aboutthings like grattitude, perspective, and vulneralbility? no? maybe you should.

Whenever I put out a piece of content or give a talk, someone will come up to me and say, that was really cool, but I gotta be honest, it wasn't really what I was expecting from somebody who coaches at an MMA gym"

Or as someone once said after I wrapped up, "great stuff, but what's all that gotta do with fighting?" 

Short Answer? More than you think.

This perception that you need to be a successful combat by walking around pissed off, intense, and looking for a fight all the time? That’s for douchebags in Ed Hardy t-shirts with tribal tattoos who are looking to pick up chicks before last call; that’s about as plain as I can put it. You know What else it is?

Incredibly easy.

No, for real. Take 30 seconds and do a deep think on something that is making you angry or that isn't going your way and see how that makes you feel...

I'll start.

Let's see... I can't walk, I have a gimpy left arm, I always need to work 50 times harder than everyone else just to see a tenth of their success, I still live at home...

Whoa.  30 seconds and just thinking and reflecting on those couple things has already has my mood trending downward. I can feel myself getting more and more disgusted. 

Now to snap out of it, 

I might not be able to walk, but  I can do everything else that that neurologist told me I wouldn’t, I might have a gimpy left arm, but my right arm is stronger than some people's 2 arms put together, I have to work 50 times harder to be successful but it's going to be that much sweeter when I am, I still live at home but I'm surrounded  by family and friends who love me unconditionally

Do you how tough it is, how much training it took/takes to be able to look at my situation like that? Do you know how difficult it was to drag my ass back to training after every loss? It would be WAY easier for me to live each day angry at the world, wanting to fight everyone I see.

That doesn’t mean I'm any less intense about wanting to win or less passionate about achieving my goals. if anything, it’s the fuel that keeps me pursuing these objectives day in and day out even when it feels incredibly hopeless 

Things like gratitude, perspective, positivity, love, whatever. They don't make you "soft;" they make you human and they help to harden your resolve, keep your eyes set firmly on that title belt,  and keep you entrenched in the process when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. In other words,

They keep the fight in the fighter and the fighter in the fight.

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