Matt Marcinek

Grappling Coach, Sport psych consultant and Speaker.


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It's kind of appropriate that Matt Marcinek grew up to be a combat athlete because in one or another he has been fighting his entire life.

At just nine months of age a neurosurgeon diagnosed him with cerebral palsy, a neuromuscular dis order that affects balance and coordination. At the time of his diagnosis, the doctor advised his parents that not only would walking not be possible, neither would any other of life's daily functions. In fact, he recommended that Matt's parents place him in a facility where he would receive round the clock care.

But Matt fought back.

Against all odds, Matt has been able to accomplish great things such as achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, graduating from high school and becoming a sought after motivational speaker.

As a combat athlete in the sports of Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Matt struggled to find a win for the first decade of his career, amassing a record of 0 wins and 80 losses.  While challenging and difficult, Matt was undaunted. He began to study and research the techniques and methods utilized by the top sport psychologist and coaches from around the world combining them with his passion and perseverance to achieve his first win in the spring of 2013.

As a coach, Matt has an intense desire to help other athletes develop the skills both physically and mentally to reach peak performance on the mats, in the cage, and in life!


First degree brown belt in judo

4th degree purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

USA Judo certified Coach 

Certified Mental Performance Master (MPM)

Masters of Ed. In Counseling psychology with and emphasis in Positive Coaching from University of Missouri

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