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Matt Marcinek

Grappling Coach, Mental Performance Coach and Speaker.

Matt Marcinek is a highly accomplished mental performance coach and motivational speaker with a specialization in both individual and team performance. As a Certified Mental Performance Mastery Coach under Brian Cain, Matt combines extensive education with practical, attainable solutions for each athlete that he works with. He earned a master’s degree in Educational, School & Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in coaching from the University of Missouri

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While I do have a masters in psychology, I’m not just another cookie cutter coach with a graduate degree who spouts stuff from a book back to his clients, I am an athlete who knows the pain of wanting nothing more than to compete at the highest level but failing and having to push through and persevering to achieve what he wants. I know what it feels like to lose and feel inadequate. I know what it’s like to sit at the edge of my bed, tears rolling down my face, self-doubt filling my mind.


After 10 years of competitive grappling, with a record of 0-79, I was yet to win a single match until May 13th, 2011 when I finally tasted my first victory. I still wake up every morning with that underdog mentality;  that I’m in a fight to prove to myself and to others that I know the vision that I have for myself as an athlete and as a business owner is not only possible, but that it is probable.

I’m extremely passionate about my role as a coach and helping my athletes push through adversities and smash any limiting beliefs.

The Marcinek Peak Performance Systems Difference

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Matt loves the Mental game and helping people develop their mind, he loves to be hands on teaching technique and helping his students and clients improve physically as well.

​Book your free 20 min coaching discovery session to see if you are pleased with my approach and to answer any questions that you might have about my coaching process.

About Matt Marcinek

Work With MPPS

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Mental Performance Coaching

Engage your true potential and achieve the champion mindset for peak performance. You’ve been fighting hard to get to a higher level in your sport. You put in many hours of training. You’ve worked hard to improve your technique. Yet, you underperform...

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Private Grappling Lessons

With well over a decade of experience in both Judo and BJJ and having the tremendous opportunity to train alongside and learn from Olympians, World champions, and World Class international competitors and fighters...

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I have a passion for helping others reach Peak Performance. That could mean everything from winning a title belt, trophy or medal or having a successful business, or performing at their best in their jobs or their home lives. I have spoken to thousands...

As a coach, Matt has an intense desire to help other athletes develop the skills both physically and mentally to reach peak performance on the mats, in the cage, and in life!

Grab your free Copy of 

''Win the Mental Fight''

Matt Marcinek E-Book ''Win the Mental Fight''

Lucas LaRue

 USKA 170 lbs Champion

I’ve known Matt as a friend, training partner, and jiu-jitsu coach since I started training at Scranton MMA a little less than 3 years ago. I had a limited idea of what type of work Matt did but from the first session with him, I knew that it would help me reach my goal of winning the USKA 170lb Amateur Muay Thai title. As a fighter, there’s many mental obstacles and hurdles that you must navigate through. Working with Matt allowed me to identify the things that were negatively affecting my ability to maximize my training and mental state so that I could truly perform at my best on fight night.  The best part about working with Matt is he genuinely cares about your well-being as an athlete and a person along with the clarity and focus that I build and maintain throughout the process. The ultimate result from my first experience working with Matt was a win in dominating fashion and leaving the event with the belt. I can’t thank Matt enough for helping me continue to realize my full potential as a competitor and man and would recommend working with him to anyone trying to reach their full athlete potential.


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